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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 84

Bill Name: SF3199

3E Relating to family law; requiring notice by custodial parents to noncustodial
parents, the county social services agency and the court granting custody of
residence of the custodial parent with persons convicted of certain crimes;
modifying certain presumptions relating to the establishment of paternity,
determination to not preclude adjudication of another man as legal father,
exclusion of legal or biological parental claim for genetic material donors for
assisted reproduction; modifying certain requirements for communication or
contact agreements between adoptive parents and birth relatives other than birth
parents for children under state guardianship, requiring inclusion of the
agreement in the final adoption decree, exception, requiring court determination
of the terms of the agreement under certain conditions; modifying certain
requirements for adoption consents and placement resources for children in the
legal custody of social services agencies; providing for appeal of fourth
judicial district family court referee orders and decrees; providing a
rebuttable presumption of parent entitlement to a certain percentage of the
parenting time for the child; modifying the procedure for custodial parents
moving children to another state in marriage dissolution cases, requiring the
court to apply a best interests standard in considering residence move requests
and specifying certain factors to be considered in best interests determination,
burden of proof to be on the requesting parent, exception in cases of domestic
abuse; modifying certain parenting plan custody designation requirements;
requiring payments ordered by the court for maintenance or support be made to
the public agency responsible for the child support enforcement under certain
conditions; modifying certain failure of notice requirements; requiring cases
involving establishment or modification of child support orders to include gross
income; applying the provision subjecting pension plan benefits or rights to
marital property division specifically to defined benefit plans; establishing
methods for determining personal income; defining criteria to determine whether
a parent is considered voluntarily employed or underemployed; establishing
criteria for determining whether a parent who stays home with a child is
voluntarily unemployed or underemployed; providing for the opportunity for self
employed parents to illustrate the relationship between reduced income and
economic conditions in determining employment status; modifying a certain
provision relating to the six month review hearing; modifying certain
definitions; requiring the commissioner of human services to prepare a financial
affidavit form to be used by the parties for disclosing information; adjusting
certain provisions relating to modifications in orders and decrees, calculation
of gross income, income from self employment order operation of a business,
computation of child support obligations, written findings, deduction from
income for nonjoint children, social security or veterans benefit payments
received on behalf of child, certain deviations from child support guidelines;
providing for the dividing of work or education related child care costs between
obligor and obligee; providing for the adjustment of fees for eligible low
income obligors, enforcement of unreimbursed or uninsured medical expenses as
arrears, parenting expense adjustments, and ability to pay and self support
adjustments; reinstating certain repealed definitions