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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF3135

2E Creating the Minnesota responds medical reserve corps under the local public
health act; adding volunteer protections for the Minnesota responds medical
reserve corps volunteers; requiring a board of health receiving funding for
emergency preparedness or pandemic influenza planning to participate in planning
for emergency use of volunteer health professionals through the Minnesota
responds medical reserve corps program of the department of health; authorizing
and providing for certain written mutual aid agreements for deployment of paid
employees and volunteers with other boards of health, other political
subdivisions or tribal governments; authorizing the commissioner of health to
accept grants for the emergency system for the advanced registration of
volunteer health professionals and maintain a registry of volunteers; providing
procedures for requests to the commissioner for health volunteers; providing for
the status of volunteer health practitioners licensed in other states; modifying
the definition of employee for workers compensation purposes; providing for
interstate assistance by the national guard and specifying certain requirements
for status of employment and workers compensation benefits; specifying
employment limitations; authorizing local governments to provide interstate
assistance under certain conditions
(Ch. 202, 2008)