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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 82

Bill Name: SF2957

E Requiring and providing for the reporting of dental practice violations
observed or suspected, disciplinary actions taken or complaints received to the
board of dentistry by health care institutions or organizations, dental
societies or professional dental associations and licensed or registered health
professionals, authorizing reporting by others of knowledge of registrant or
licensee inability to practice with reasonable skill and safety; requiring
liability insurers to report periodically to the board malpractice settlements
or awards made to plaintiffs, specifying certain report content requirements;
requiring court administrator reports to the board of judgments or other
determinations made relating to mental illness or incompetence or certain
violations; providing for self reporting; imposing certain reporting deadlines;
authorizing the board to issue subpoenas for the production of reports and
related documents; providing immunity from civil liability or criminal
prosecution for good faith reporting or cooperating with investigations,
classifying reports submitted; granting immunity to board members, employees and
consultants for actions taken in the performance of duties (ra, ja)