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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 88

Bill Name: SF2470

3E Providing for a medical cannabis registry program; defining certain terms;
specifying certain limitations for using medical cannabis; permitting the
refusal of enrollment in the registry program if the patient is participating in
federally approved trials involving the treatment of certain medical conditions
with medical cannabis; specifying certain duties of the commissioner of health;
authorizing rulemaking; establishing a patient registry program, specifying role
of the commissioner of health in relation to the registry program, authorizing
the commissioner to develop a patient application for enrollment and register a
designated caregiver for a patient under certain circumstances; permitting
parents or legal guardians to act as caregivers without having to register;
specifying certain enrollment procedures; requiring notification of the
commissioner in the case of address and name changes; establishing certain
health care practitioner duties prior to patient registry enrollment; specifying
certain duties of the manufacturer of medical cannabis; requiring manufacturers
to regularly report to the commissioner; specifying certain duties of the
patient; establishing data privacy parameters in patient files; specifying
certain criminal and civil protections for registry program participation;
prohibiting discrimination based on a person's status as a patient enrolled in a
medical cannabis registry program; establishing criminal penalties for certain
violations; permitting nursing facilities to adopt certain restrictions on the
use of medical cannabis by a resident enrolled in the registry program;
authorizing the commissioner to collect certain fees; authorizing the formation
of a task force to conduct an impact assessment of medical cannabis therapeutic
research, requiring a report to the legislature; requiring medical cannabis
manufacturers to maintain detailed financial records; requiring a certified
annual audit be provided to the medical cannabis manufacturer and the
commissioner; requiring the commissioner to adopt rules to establish
requirements for reporting adverse incidents; requiring the commissioner to
consider the addition of intractable pain as a qualifying medical condition for
participation in the medical cannabis registry program prior to the
consideration of other medical conditions; appropriating money