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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 82

Bill Name: SF1659

E Establishing certain conditions for pollution control agency issuance of
animal feedlot permits; providing a permanent exemption for certain livestock
owners from feedlot or manure management requirements on certain pasture land
under certain conditions; prohibiting the PCA from requiring feedlot permittees
to maintain records of rainfall or snowfall as a condition of receiving a permit
under certain conditions; requiring permittee notice to the PCA of feedlot
ownership or control transfers, prohibiting the PCA commissioner from
unreasonably withholding or delaying approval of transfer requests; requiring
the environmental quality board (EQB) to review and recommend modifications to
environmental rules relating to phased actions and animal agriculture facilities
and report recommendations to the legislature by a certain date; requiring the
PCA to grant extensions for applications for national pollutant discharge
elimination or state disposal system permits upon feedlot owner request;
authorizing the resumption of operation of unused feedlots in shoreland after
obtaining a permit; authorizing counties completing modified level one feedlot
inventories to report the information to the agency in aggregate, exception,
feedlots included in the inventories to be considered registered under PCA rule;
modifying the criteria used to determine the established date of operation for
agricultural operations nuisance liability protection purposes; requiring the
commissioner of the PCA to by a certain date allow alternative methods for
disposal of milkhouse process wastewaters by certain smaller dairy operations
(ra, ja)