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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 89

Bill Name: SF1459

1E Relating to agriculture; making certain policy and technical changes;
requiring the commissioner to prepare the permitting efficiency report annually;
increasing agriculture best management practices loan program amounts; modifying
the waste pesticide collection program disposal site requirement and cooperative
agreements; modifying pesticide control record keeping, and incident response
requirements; modifying fertilizer, soil and plant amendment licensee incident
response plan requirements; specifying requirements for discontinuance of
specialty fertilizer and soil and plant amendments registration; modifying seed
law definitions, and content labeling requirements; modifying hybrid seed corn
classification and official seed samples laboratory testing procedures;
requiring the commissioner to determine prohibited weed seeds and restricted
noxious weed seeds and the allowable occurrence rate; specifying conditions for
the commissioner to grant seed law exceptions; adding certain native grasses and
wildflower seeds to permit categories; including equipment and facilities in tag
notice withdrawal from distribution orders under food law and specifying certain
emergency powers of the commissioner; modifying minimum wage requirements for
agricultural employees and modifying the definition of employee; requiring
public grain warehouse operators to report on open storage and grain stored for
feed processing; repealing incident response plan availability, the definition
of pollinator lethal insecticide, and the agricultural growth, research, and
innovation program sunset provision