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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 89

Bill Name: SF0878

3E Relating to criminal justice


money to the supreme court, court of appeals, district courts, guardian ad litem
board, tax court, uniform laws commission, board of judicial standards, board of
public defense, sentencing guidelines; appropriating money for public safety
purposes including emergency management, criminal apprehension, fire marshal,
alcohol and gambling enforcement, office of justice programs, emergency
communications networks, the peace officer standards and training (POST) board,
the private detective board, human rights, corrections, certain transfers
relating to Minncor, fire safety and disaster assistance contingency and fire
safety accounts and avian influenza emergency response; excluding the filing of
application for discharge of judgment from the court administrator filing fee;
authorizing the commissioner of public safety to award grants to programs that
provide sexual assault primary prevention services to prevent initial
perpetration of victimization of sexual assault; modifying previous
appropriations to the tax court and the board of judicial standards;
establishing a grant program to assist local law enforcement agencies to develop
or expand lifesaver programs that locate lost or wandering persons who are
mentally impaired


Allowing civil commitment hearings to
be held by interactive video conference under certain conditions; requiring
court reporters and court reporting firms to charge all parties the same for
copies of a transcript


Clarifying the
protection of addresses in legal proceedings for certain victims of violence
under the safe at home address confidentiality program administered by the
secretary of state; modifying the eligibility for individuals convicted of
certain hunting violations and possess firearms and a suppressor to receive a
hunting license; modifying certain definitions and reporting provisions relating
to titles for destroyed, dismantled or scrapped vehicles; establishing certain
requirements for bondsman or bail enforcement agent vehicles; modifying certain
grant-in-aid provisions relating to youth intervention programs; making
technical corrections to bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA), state patrol
retirement fund, and the domestic abuse program director provisions; repealing
BCA priority for station calls and messages; modifying certain provisions
regarding the purchase and sale of scrap metal; modifying the definition of
ammunition; specifying that unlawful use of ammunition is an offense applicable
to a mandatory minimum sentence; clarifying certain offenses and restoration of
rights relating to possession of ammunition; specifying certain persons not
entitled to possess, receive, ship or transport ammunition; prohibiting the
purchase of a firearm by a person on behalf of a person ineligible to possess or
purchase a firearm; defining bail bondsman and bail enforcement agent;
specifying color of bail bondsman or bail enforcement agent's uniform;
establishing the Blue Alert system to aid in the apprehension of those who kill
or injure law enforcement officers; specifying certain public notice criteria,
procedures, oversight, and scope of the system; clarifying additional notice
authority; imposing penalty for false reports; requiring the bureau of criminal
apprehension (BCA), forensic laboratories, sheriff, and police chiefs to prepare
and submit a written report identifying the number of untested sexual assault
(rape) kits in agency possession; requiring a report; repealing certain
provisions relating to scrapped, dismantled or destroyed vehicles, certain
obsolete police communication procedures, record and report requirements for
dealers in scrapped metal, enforcement and effective date provisions regarding
automated property system transactions, and the prohibition and restrictions of
the use of silencers


Authorizing employer payroll
deductions for fire relief association membership; clarifying wage payment
frequency agreement; specifying the deposit of the remaining yearly balance from
the fire safety account; modifying certain firefighter license issuance
requirements and specifying license expiration and reinstatement; expanding
chief firefighting officer duties; expanding license revocation, suspension, and
denial to arson charges and requiring board notification for felony charges;
providing eligibility for reciprocity examination based on relevant military
experience; making certain technical changes; repealing firefighter training and
education prior appointment provisions


and continuing health insurance coverage for former state employees assaulted
and injured by inmates and patients at state facilities; addressing needs of
incarcerated women relating to pregnancy and childbirth following conviction or
beyond their initial court appearances; requiring a report on use of restraints;
requiring the commissioner of corrections to award grants to nonprofit
organizations to provide appropriate educational materials and resources;
"Colton's Law", requiring persons placed on intensive supervised release from
prison to be placed on electronic monitoring immediately upon release;
authorizing that a correctional inmate, juvenile delinquent, or county jail
inmate be kept in custody until the electronic surveillance is activated;
specifying that it is the responsibility of the offender to have their residence
equipped for electronic surveillance; modifying the base funding amount and the
aggregate base funding amount of the community corrections aid


Lowering to petty
misdemeanor penalty any prohibited act without a prescribed penalty; modifying
and clarifying certain sex trafficking provisions relating to data privacy,
evidence, crime victim protections, no defense for undercover operative or law
enforcement officer, and criminal defenses; creating new criminal penalties;
making certain conforming changes; "Jacquelyn Devney and Thomas Considine
Roadway Safety Act", modifying the definition of reckless driving and
prescribing misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor penalties for certain reckless
driving; clarifying application to not limit prosecutorial powers; lowering the
alcohol concentration standard for enhanced criminal penalties in the DWI law to
match the existing standard for enhanced civil DWI sanctions; expanding the
offense of fifth degree criminal sexual conduct; establishing the crime of
adulteration by body fluid; adding the crime of financial exploitation of a
vulnerable adult to the definition of designated offense in forfeiture


Modifying certain uses for funds in
the disaster assistance contingency account; defining certain terms relating to
public disaster assistance and modifying eligibility criteria and the
application process for public disaster assistance


Expanding and modifying certain chemical substances to schedule I,
II, III, and
IV lists and adding certain schedule V restrictions on
methamphetamine precursor