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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF0596

2E Relating to data practices; clarifying duties and classifications, making
technical changes and clarifying definitions relating to government data
practices, substituting the term government entity in place of the terms state
agency, political subdivision or statewide system; requiring judicial branch
data disseminated to government entities to have the same level of accessibility
as the agency receiving the data; changing and clarifying homestead
classification tax data, classifying certain department of transportation (DOT)
market research, overhead rate and bid escrow data sets as private data on
individuals, nonpublic data or public data; specifying bureau of mediation
services representation and mediation data as protected and nonpublic data or
confidential data on individuals; requiring public criminal history data
reaction under certain conditions and classifying certain data as private data;
defining integrated search service (ISS) and authorizing individuals to request
ISS queries to locate data on individuals; requiring landowner disclosure of
property value prior to offer; expanding the use of drivers license photographic
images to criminal justice agencies and public defenders under certain
conditions; clarifying the department corrections use of certain data;
authorizing the commissioner of revenue to use tax return information for debt
collection and to disclose job opportunity building zone (JOBZ) and
biotechnology and health sciences industry zone tax information to the
department of employment and economic development (DEED) and appropriate public
officials for benefits purposes; modifying certain restrictions on the use of
social security numbers; modifying the effective date for a previously enacted
provision relating to social security numbers; imposing an effective date for a
provision relating to the use of social security numbers; repealing
department of labor and industry bureau of mediation services representation and
mediation data and repealing the continuation of prior use of social security
numbers authority
(cH. 129, 2007)