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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 89

Bill Name: SF0005

6E Relating to higher education


Providing a summary of appropriations; appropriating money to
the Minnesota office of higher education for state grants, child care grants,
state-work study, interstate tuition reciprocity, safety officer survivors,
Indian scholarships, tribal college grants, intervention for college attendance
program grants, student parent information, Get Ready, Minnesota Education
Equity Partnership, Midwest Higher Education Compact; United Family Medicine
residency program, MnLINK Gateway and Minitex, statewide longitudinal education
data system, Hennepin county medical center, MnSCU two-year public college
program, College Possible, large animal veterinarian loan forgiveness program,
spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research grant program, summer
academic enrichment program, OHE and DOLI dual training competency grants,
concurrent enrollment courses, student loan debt counseling, sexual violence and
harassment reporting, teacher shortage loan forgiveness, agency administration
and authorizing fund transfers; appropriating money to the board of trustees of
the Minnesota state college and universities (MnSCU) for the office of the
chancellor and the shared services division, funding for operation and
maintenance of the system, and the Learning Network of Minnesota; appropriating
money to the board of regents of the University of Minnesota (U of M) for
funding and maintenance of the system, primary care education initiatives, and
certain special appropriations for agriculture and extension service, health
services, Institute of Technology, System Special, University of Minnesota and
Mayo Foundation collaborative research partnership, and the Academic Health
Center; appropriating money to the Mayo Clinic for the medical school and the
family practices and graduate residency program; requiring report of the MnSCU
presidential selection process; requiring a University of Minnesota budget
allocation report; providing for a tuition reciprocity appropriation


Exempting e-verify
requirements for certain contracts relating to credit reporting services; making
school year-long student teaching programs part of teacher preparation programs
rules curriculum requirements; authorizing incentive programs; requiring the
commissioner of education to invite student nominations to serve on task forces;
modifying child care grant eligibility and making program changes to facilitate
fund distribution; modifying SELF loan program requirements; allowing schools
with conditional approval to continue for accreditation; requiring schools to
publish location and contact data in the catalog; clarifying the private career
school act and eligible institution for veterans benefits; making conforming
changes; repealing high school to college developmental transition program
grants, certain refunding of resident schools, and University of Minnesota
hospital provisions


postsecondary study abroad program secretary of state report
requirements by
requiring additional information; requiring the secretary of
state to
electronically publish certain links to federal electronic sites; modifying and
delineating certain concurrent enrollment programs reporting requirements for
postsecondary institutions; establishing a concurrent enrollment advisory board;
setting goals for postsecondary education attainment goals for Minnesota
residents; report requirement; establishing the summer academic enrichment
program to enable students in grades 3 to 12 to attend academic summer programs
sponsored by postsecondary institutions and nonprofit organizations; report
requirement; expanding state financial aid eligibility for certain active
members; directing the office of higher education to place specified information
on the Web site home page and provide an electronic of the information to public
and private state high schools and workforce centers operated by the department
of employment and economic development (DEED); establishing and providing for a
teacher shortage loan forgiveness program for qualified teachers teaching in a
teacher shortage area; specifying eligibility requirements and application
process; creating an repayment fund; requiring a report; authorizing a program
to award grants for the training of employees to achieve the competency standard
for an occupation identified by the commissioner of labor and industry;
specifying intervention for college attendance program grants be equally
distributed to eligible students outside and inside the metropolitan area;
establishing a spinal cord and traumatic brain injury research grant program;
establishing an advisory council; requiring a report; regulating the process for
determining whether a student at the Minnesota state colleges and universities
(MnSCU) requires remedial education; requiring a report prepared by the
Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) board of trustees on its
activities and achievements related to the goal of improving timely completion
of degrees and certificates; authorizing the refinancing of University of
Minnesota TCF stadium bonds and specifying certain criteria in the refinancing
process; requiring the commissioner of labor and industry to identify competency
standards for dual training; removing the expiration date for regulating the
disposition of research dogs and cats; establishing a Minnesota colleges and
universities (MnSCU) college occupational scholarship pilot program, requiring a
report; authorizing the implementation of associate degree transfer pathways
within the Minnesota state colleges and universities; requiring a report;
requiring the board of trustees of the Minnesota state colleges and universities
(MnSCU) to develop a comprehensive plan to encourage students to complete
degrees, diplomas, or certificates in their fields of study; requesting the
board of regents of the university of Minnesota develop a plan; requiring a
report; establishing a student loan debt repayment counseling pilot program for
certain eligible students; requiring a report; establishing an initial report
regarding goals for postsecondary education attainment goals for Minnesota
residents; repealing certain obsolete child care grant provisions


Providing data classifications; expanding the sexual
harassment and violence policy to include leased property, fraternities,
sororities, and certain private postsecondary institutions; expanding victims'
rights options; providing for drug and alcohol use uniform amnesty for the
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) and the University of
Minnesota (U of M) students under certain reporting conditions; requiring MnSCU
and U of M coordination with law enforcement; requiring the U of M and MnSCU to
create an online reporting system; restricting access to data; requiring sexual
assault annual statistics collection and reporting; requiring training of campus
security officers and administrators; requiring institutions to provide health
services for sexual assault victims; clarifying mandatory reporting laws for


Clarifying certain living and
miscellaneous expense allowances in the postsecondary education state grant