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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Session Year 2011, Special Session 1

Bill Name: SF0001

Relating to public safety; modifying certain provisions relating to public
safety, courts and sentencing, sexually exploited youth, and prostitution
crimes; requesting studies and reports; providing for penalties; appropriating
money for public safety, corrections, human rights, courts, civil legal
services, guardian ad litem board, uniform laws commission, board on judicial
standards and sentencing guidelines


Providing a
summary of appropriations; appropriating money to the supreme court for
operations and civil legal services, to the court of appeals, to the trial
courts, to the guardian ad litem board, to the tax court, to the uniform laws
commission, to the board on judicial standards, to the board of public defense,
to the department of public safety for emergency management, criminal
apprehension, the fire marshal, alcohol and gambling enforcement, office of
justice programs, and emergency communication networks, to the peace officer
standards and training (POST) board, to the private detective board, to the
department of human rights, to the department of corrections for correctional
institutions, community services, operations support, and providing certain
transfers, and to sentencing guidelines; providing certain transfers;
prohibiting use of funds for the purchase of motor vehicles or out of state
travel under certain conditions and capping mileage reimbursement; providing an
effective date in relationship to other appropriations


Requiring the commissioner of corrections to
impose an inmate healthcare co-payment of at least $5 for each inmate visit to a
healthcare provider; increasing the transfer amount from the fire safety account
to the general fund; modifying in-service training requirements for police
pursuits training; authorizing county jails to reimburse healthcare providers at
the medical assistance (MA) payment rate for care provided to inmates;
authorizing the commissioner of administration to acquire an easement for the
Faribault correctional facility


Establishing an administrative dismissal process for submitting
proof of insurance in failure to provide vehicle insurance cases; clarifying the
responsibility for payment of guardian ad litem expenses or compensation;
clarifying fees and surcharges on criminal and traffic offenders for diversion
cases; authorizing the court to seek partial payment or reimbursement of costs
from a party proceeding in forma pauperis


Modifying provisions for juvenile prostitutes found in need of
protection or services; modifying the definition of delinquent child, juvenile
petty offender, child in need of protection or services, and delinquent child;
defining sexually exploited youth; providing a procedure for first-time
prostitution offense for a 16 to 17 year old child and specifying certain
diversion program or child protection proceedings requirements; increasing
penalty assessments imposed in certain prostitution crimes and modifying
distribution of the assessment, establishing a safe harbor youth account;
providing a safe harbor for sex trafficked youth and sexually exploited youth,
requiring the commissioner of public safety, in consultation with the
commissioners of health and human services, to develop a statewide victim
services model to address the needs of sexually exploited youth and youth at
risk of sexual exploitation, legislative report requirement


Clarifying and recodifying prostitution laws; clarifying
the definitions of the crime as they apply to patrons and prostitutes; modifying
the crimes of general prostitution and prostitution in a public places