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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 81

Bill Name: HF4078

hf4078FOURTH ENGROSSMENTOmnibus bonding bill providing public improvements of a
capital nature, bond issuance authorized, and money appropriated.ARTICLE 1
CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTSSection 1: capital improvement appropriations summary
provided. Sec. 2: University of Minnesota appropriated money for capital and
other improvements. Sec. 3: Minnesota state colleges and universities
appropriations provided for capital improvements at specified colleges. Sec. 4:
Perpich center for arts education appropriation provided for Delta dormitory
upgrades asset preservation, and air conditioning system for Gaia building. Sec.
5: department of children, families, and learning appropriation provided for
specified facilities. Sec. 6: Minnesota State Academies at Faribault
appropriation provided for asset preservation and renovation to Noyes Hall. Sec.
7: department of natural resources appropriation provided for asset
preservation, capital improvements, ADA compliance, grants, protection and
restoration projects, habitat acquisition and improvements, and parks and trails
capital improvements. Sec. 8: office of environmental assistance appropriation
provided for solid waste capital assistance grants program. Sec. 9: board of
water and soil resources appropriation provided for conservation reserve
enhancement program and local government wetland replacement. Sec. 10: rural
finance authority appropriated money to purchase participation interests in or
make direct loans to farmers. Sec. 11: Minnesota zoological gardens appropriated
money for capital repair and upgrading. Sec. 12: department of administration
appropriated money for capital improvements, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
headquarters construction, World War II veterans memorial, and other specified
facilities. Sec. 13: Minnesota amateur sports commission appropriated money for
Mighty Ducks ice arena grants and National Sports Center conference center
predesign. Sec. 14: Lanesboro Root River Center for the Arts, Minneapolis
Guthrie Theater, and St. Paul Children's Museum Rooftop Perspectives
appropriations provided, Sec. 15: Military affairs; National guard training and
community center kitchen facility renovation provided at various statewide
facilities, asset preservation provided, Minnesota military museum at Camp
Ripley renovation and expansion provided, and tactical live-fire village law
enforcement training center designated. Sec. 16: Women in Military Service for
America Memorial Foundation, Inc. grant provided for women's memorial at
Arlington National Cemetery. Sec. 17: human services; statewide facilities roof
repairs and replacement, state regional treatment center asset preservation, St.
Peter Pexton Hall upgrade, and Mash-Ka-Wisen treatment center youth alcohol
treatment wing grant to the Minnesota Indian Primary Residential Treatment
Center, Inc. Sec. 18: department of health appropriated money for Gillete
Children's Hospital renovation, and a grant to a Minnesota organ procurement
organization for a mobile learning center. Sec. 19: commissioner of
administration appropriated money for infrastructure improvements at Hastings
veterans home and Minneapolis veterans home, and asset preservation provided.
Sec. 20: department of public safety appropriated money for regional public
safety training facility construction grants, and national weather service
transmitters. Sec. 21: department of corrections appropriation provided for
renovation and expansion of specified facilities. Sec. 22: department of trade
and economic development appropriation provided for matching funds to federal
water pollution control and drinking water revolving fund grants, wastewater
infrastructure program grants, clean water partnership loan program, brownfields
redevelopment, Hennepin county empowerment zone projects, Landfall retaining
walls, Kanabec county Mora workforce center elevator, Koochiching county cold
weather testing center, Minneapolis empowerment zone projects, and Farmamerica
accessibility and security improvements. Sec. 23: housing finance agency
appropriated money for housing development fund grants and loans for
transitional housing; including housing for homeless youth, families, battered
women and individuals leaving prostitution. Sec. 24: Minnesota historical
society appropriated money for asset preservation, St. Anthony falls heritage
center completion, North West company fur post interpretive center exhibits, and
county and local preservation grants. Sec. 25: commissioner of finance
appropriated money for bond sale expenses. Sec. 26: bond sale authorized. Sec.
27: previous bond sale cancellations and transfers provided. Sec. 28-34:
commissioners bonding authority and responsibilities modified, and technical
changes provided. Sec. 35: bleacher safety requirements clarified relating to
University of Minnesota, state colleges and universities, and private colleges
and universities. Sec. 36: bleacher safety enforcement technical clarification
provided. Sec. 37: Big Bog state recreation area established in Beltrami county.
Sec. 38: Red River state recreation area established. Sec. 39: mill towns riding
and hiking trail established. Sec. 40: regional trails grants program matching
grants provisions modified. Sec. 41: Red River basin flood mitigation projects.
Sec. 42: pollution control agency wastewater treatment grant notification
requirements provided. Sec. 43: new wastewater treatment system annual tracking
report requred. Sec. 44: essential project components definition modified
relating to wastewater disposal systems. Sec. 45-46: redevelopment account
established in the bond proceeds fund, and fund usage clarified. Sec. 47: early
childhood learning and child protection facilities grants priority extended to
centers that serve refugee and immigrant families. Sec. 48: magnet school grant
ceiling removed. Sec. 49: libraries required to adopt policies prohibiting
pornographic use of Internet in order to be eligible for library accessibility
grants. Sec. 50: University of Minnesota and Minnesota state colleges and
universities (MNSCU) capital projects priorities provided. Sec. 51-53: technical
college carpentry program construction authority provisions modified, less
extensive or no warranties authorized, and state employee purchases authorized.
Sec. 54-55: Minnesota state colleges and universities, (MNSCU), transfer of
state college or university-owned improvements authorized, and general authority
for minor capital repairs granted. Sec. 56: MNSCU bonding limits increased. Sec.
57: state armory building commission bonding limits increased, and federal and
local matches authorized. Sec. 58: nondedicated federal reimbursement of health
care cost funds credited to the general fund. Sec. 59: state lottery deposit of
net proceeds provisions clarified relating to outstanding bonds. Sec. 60:
wastewater infrastructure funding program provisions clarified. Sec. 61:
transitional housing definition modified. Sec. 62-73: technical correction
removing reference to the governor relating to bond sales. Sec. 74: previous St.
Cloud technical college design appropriation modified to predesign. Sec. 75:
previous McLeod West School district, No. 2887, appropriation use modified to
remodel and educational facility. Sec. 76: previous Anoka county appropriation
use modified to include construction of facilities at Rice Creek West Regional
Trail. Sec. 77: previous Hutchinson community civic center grant provisions
modified. Sec. 78: previous bond sale authorization governor reference removed.
Sec. 79: previous Lake Benton visitor center and railroad depot building grant
availability extended. Sec. 80: previous Hastings Veterans Home roof repair
appropriation cancelled. Sec. 81: previous bond sale debt service ceiling
reduced. Sec. 82-83: previous bond sale authorizations governor references
removed. Sec. 84: infrastructure reporting standards implemented. Sec. 85:
wastewater treatment system evaluation process report required. Sec. 86: St.
Paul land conveyance authorized. Sec. 87: Lake Bronson state park visitors'
center renamed Victor Johnson visitors' center. Sec. 88: repealer. Sec. 89:
effective date.ARTICLE 2 METROPOLITAN COUNCIL TRANSIT Sec. 1: metropolitan
council transit appropriation provided for capital improvements.cth