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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2724

hf2724FOURTH ENGROSSMENTChild care assistance, adoption and child placement,
child welfare, +economic supports, mental health, and continuing care for the
elderly +provisions modified.ARTICLE 1�CHILD CARE; ASSISTANCE PROGRAMSSection
1: Child care fund definition modified.Sec. 2: Income definition modified.Sec.
3: Universal application form requirements modified.Sec. 4: Child care
application verifiable factors expanded.Sec. 5: Allocation formula
modified.Sec. 6: At-home infant child care program established.Sec. 7:
Language updated.Sec. 8: Assistance eligibility date determination procedures
+modified.Sec. 9: Provider authorization regulations expanded.Sec. 10: Persons
who cannot be authorized regulations expanded.Sec. 11: Child care services
grants regulations modified.Sec. 12: Definition of professional certification
modified.ARTICLE 2�ADOPTION AND CHILD PLACEMENTSection 1: Technical statutory
references added.Sec. 2: Tribal court added to scope of section.Sec. 3:
Conforming changes with section 2.Sec. 4: Venue for the adoption of children
committed to the +guardianship of commissioner specified.Sec. 5: Petition
requirements modified.Sec. 6: Fingerprints no longer required with background
check.Sec. 7: Adoption record content modified.Sec. 8: Placement prevention
and family reunification duty +regulations modified.Sec. 9: Parental right
permanency language added.Sec. 10: Definition of child placing agency
modified.Sec. 11: Definition of compelling reasons modified.Sec. 12:
Definition of foster care modified.Sec. 13: Definition of legal custody
modified.Sec. 14: Definition of relative modified.Sec. 15: Immediate custody
regulations expanded.Sec. 16: Emergency removal hearing provisions
established.Sec. 17: Disposition procedures clarified.Sec. 18: Written
findings in disposition orders regulations +clarified.Sec. 19: Technical
language modified.Sec. 20: Foster care court review procedures clarified.Sec.
21: Court ordered placement review procedures modified.Sec. 22: Nature of
relative search regulations modified.Sec. 23: Parental rights termination
prohibition modified.Sec. 24: Jurisdiction retention order modified.Sec. 25:
Local welfare agency duties clarified regarding initial +contactSec. 26:
Revisor's instruction.ARTICLE 3�CHILD WELFARESection 1: Public policy
regarding interventions modified.Sec. 2: Definition of family assessment,
investigation, substantial +child endangerment, and related terms provided
and/or modified.Sec. 3: Persons mandated to report regulations modified.Sec. 4:
Authority to interview provided.Sec. 5: Local welfare agency duties
expanded.Sec. 6: Commissioner duties conforming change provided.Sec. 7:
Determination procedure modified.Sec. 8: Determination notification procedure
modified.Sec. 9: Administrative reconsideration applicability regulations
+clarified.Sec. 10: Documentation by local welfare agency modified.Sec. 11:
Conforming change.Sec. 12: Welfare regulations modified.Sec. 13:
Repealer.ARTICLE 4�ECONOMIC SUPPORTSSection 1: Eligibility requirements
modified.Sec. 2: Fair hearing technical reference removed.Sec. 3: Disqualified
participant status technical reference modified.Sec. 4: Participants not
complying with requirements inert language +modified.Sec. 5: Definition of
caseload factor provided, other employment +plan contents modified.Sec. 6:
County and tribe base allocation regulations expanded.Sec. 7: Performance base
fund regulations expanded.Sec. 8: Community work experience program usage
specifications +removed.Sec. 9: Employment option regulations modified.Sec. 10:
Diversionary work program grant regulations modified.Sec. 11: MFIP referral or
conversion regulations expanded.Sec. 12: WIC home delivery federal approval
required.ARTICLE 5�MENTAL HEALTHSection 1: Nurse practitioner added to
definition of mental health professional.Sec. 2: Public-private partnership
establishment authorized.Sec. 3: County board duties modified to include
statutory reference.Sec. 4: Medical assistance payment regulations
clarified.Sec. 5: Repealer.ARTICLE 6�CONTINUING CARE FOR THE ELDERLYSection
1: Related term definitions modified and/or provided.Sec. 2: Commissioner
specific power regulations clarified.Sec. 3: Homeless services contracting
authorized.Sec. 4: Nursing home rate increase regulations expanded.Sec. 5:
Nursing home rate increase regulations expanded.Sec. 6: Repealer.ARTICLE
7�HEALTH CARESection 1: Seasonal employee regulations established.Sec. 2:
Third party payer definition clarified.Sec. 3: Notification procedures and
requirement provided.Sec. 4: State joinder in actions against third parties
regulations +provided.Sec. 5: Settlement procedures detailed.Sec. 6:
Cooperation definition modified.Sec. 7: Limitation provided.Sec. 8: Taxation
and allowance disbursement limitation provided.AE