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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF0261

hf261THIRD ENGROSSMENTMinnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003
adopted +recognizing the right of law-abiding citizens to self-protection,
authorizing pistol +permits, providing criminal penalties, and appropriating
money.Section 1: Pistol permit data sharing required.Sec. 2: Carrying a pistol
on school property designated a petty +misdemeanor; school property definition
modified.Sec. 3: "Commissioner" defined.Sec. 4: Penalty established for
carrying a pistol without a permit.Sec. 5: Possession of permit (to carry a
pistol) on one's person +required.Sec. 6: Criteria for issuing permit to carry
a pistol established.Sec. 7: Safe use of pistol training completion
required.Sec. 8: Application format and contents detailed.Sec. 9: Background
check procedure modified.Sec. 10: Granting and denial procedure for permit
applications +provided.Sec. 11: Permit card content requirements and expiration
details +clarified.Sec. 12: Change of address or loss or destruction of permit
action +procedures provided.Sec. 13: Conditions under which permit to carry
pistol would be +revoked provided.Sec. 14: Prosecutor's duty when encountering
someone with a pistol +permit established.Sec. 15: Technical change involving
false representation.Sec. 16: Emergency issuance of permit conditions
provided.Sec. 17: Hearing upon revocation of permit procedure clarified.Sec.
18: Suspension of permit or application process as condition of+ release
provided.Sec. 19: Record privacy regulations clarified.Sec. 20: Commissioner
maintenance of list of persons authorized to +carry pistols required.Sec. 21:
Recognition of permits from other states regulations +provided.Sec. 22: Order
to leave the premises applicable to persons carrying +a firearm at a public
establishment or event knowing that the operator has made+ a reasonable request
to place the weapon into secure storage.Sec. 23: Immunity for sheriffs, police
chiefs, employees involved in+ permit issuing process, and instructors
provided.Sec. 24: Report to legislature on number of permits applied for,
+issued, suspended, revoked, and denied; number of permits currently valid;
+specific reasons for suspensions, revocations, and denial, etc., required.Sec.
25: Use of permit fees provided.Sec. 26: Minnesota Citizens' Personal
Protection Act of 2003 named.Sec. 27: Exclusivity regulations provided.Sec. 28:
Regulations prohibiting carrying pistol while under +influence of alcohol or
controlled substance provided.Sec. 29: Chemical testing required.Sec. 30:
Money appropriated.Sec. 31: Temporary permit fee provided.Sec. 32: Grandfather
clause provided.Sec. 33: Revisor's instruction.Sec. 34: Repealer.Sec. 35:
Effective date.AE