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Subdivision 1.Shotgun use area.

During the regular firearms season in the shotgun use area, only legal shotguns loaded with single-slug shotgun shells, legal muzzle-loading long guns, and legal handguns may be used for taking deer. Legal shotguns include those with rifled barrels. The shotgun use area is that portion of the state lying within the following described boundary: Beginning on the west boundary of the state at the northern boundary of Clay County; thence along the northern boundary of Clay County to State Trunk Highway (STH) 32; thence along STH 32 to STH 34; thence along STH 34 to Interstate Highway 94 (I-94); thence along I-94 to County State-Aid Highway (CSAH) 40, Douglas County; thence along CSAH 40 to CSAH 82, Douglas County; thence along CSAH 82 to CSAH 22, Douglas County; thence along CSAH 22 to CSAH 6, Douglas County; thence along CSAH 6 to CSAH 14, Douglas County; thence along CSAH 14 to STH 29; thence along STH 29 to CSAH 46, Otter Tail County; thence along CSAH 46, Otter Tail County, to CSAH 22, Todd County; thence along CSAH 22 to U.S. Highway 71; thence along U.S. Highway 71 to STH 27; thence along STH 27 to the Mississippi River; thence along the east bank of the Mississippi River to STH 23; thence along STH 23 to STH 95; thence along STH 95 to U.S. Highway 8; thence along U.S. Highway 8 to the eastern boundary of the state; thence along the east, south, and west boundaries of the state to the point of beginning.

Subd. 2.All legal firearms use area.

The all legal firearms use area is that part of the state lying outside of the shotgun use area.

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