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Subdivision 1.

[Repealed, 1Sp2015 c 4 art 4 s 150]

Subd. 2.Effect of expired contract.

When auxiliary forest contracts expire, or prior to expiration by mutual agreement between the landowner and the appropriate county office, the lands previously covered by an auxiliary forest contract automatically qualify for inclusion under the provisions of the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act; provided that when such lands are included in the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act prior to expiration of the auxiliary forest contract, they will be transferred and a tax paid as provided in section 88.49, subdivision 5, upon application and inclusion in the sustainable forest incentive program. The landowner shall pay taxes in an amount equal to the difference between:

(1) the sum of:

(i) the amount which would have been paid from the date of the recording of the contract had the land under contract been subject to the Minnesota Tree Growth Tax Law; plus

(ii) beginning with taxes payable in 2003, the taxes that would have been paid if the land had been enrolled in the sustainable forest incentive program; and

(2) the amount actually paid under section 88.51, subdivision 1, and Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 88.51, subdivision 2.

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