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Subdivision 1.Definition; general classification.

As used in this section, "specific location data" means data that would enable persons to locate the protected wild animal or endangered, threatened, or special concern plant or animal identified by the data. Specific location data are public data unless otherwise classified in this section.

Subd. 2.Nonpublic data.

(a) Specific location data procured by the Department of Natural Resources that identify protected wild animals, as defined under section 97A.015, subdivision 39, or species that are designated endangered, threatened, or of special concern under section 84.0895, subdivision 3, are nonpublic data if disclosure is likely to:

(1) hinder management, propagation, or research;

(2) facilitate unfair chase or illegal taking, transport, or sale; or

(3) decrease the likelihood of establishing a protected wild animal or bringing an endangered, threatened, or special concern species to a point at which it is no longer endangered, threatened, or of special concern.

(b) If a request for access to specific location data is denied under this subdivision, the commissioner must provide the requestor with a written explanation of the reason for the denial.

Subd. 3.Disclosure.

The commissioner may disclose data classified as nonpublic under subdivision 2 to a person, an agency, or the public if the commissioner determines that the disclosure will promote public benefit by:

(1) aiding the environmental review process;

(2) aiding research, education, or conservation planning; or

(3) providing information to landowners about locations occurring on the landowners' property, if provision of the information will promote protection of the resource.


2004 c 290 s 23

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes