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641.24 LEASING.

The county may, by resolution of the county board, enter into a lease agreement with any statutory or home rule charter city situated within the county, or a county housing and redevelopment authority established pursuant to chapter 469 or any special law whereby the city or county housing and redevelopment authority will construct a jail or other law enforcement facilities for the county sheriff, deputy sheriffs, and other employees of the sheriff and other law enforcement agencies, in accordance with plans prepared by or at the request of the county board and, when required, approved by the commissioner of corrections and will finance it by the issuance of revenue bonds, and the county may lease the site and improvements for a term and upon rentals sufficient to produce revenue for the prompt payment of the bonds and all interest accruing thereon and, upon completion of payment, will acquire title thereto. The real and personal property acquired for the jail shall constitute a project and the lease agreement shall constitute a revenue agreement as contemplated in chapter 469, and all proceedings shall be taken by the city or county housing and redevelopment authority and the county in the manner and with the force and effect provided in chapter 469; provided that:

(1) no tax shall be imposed upon or in lieu of a tax upon the property;

(2) the approval of the project by the commissioner of commerce shall not be required;

(3) the Department of Corrections shall be furnished and shall record such information concerning each project as it may prescribe;

(4) the rentals required to be paid under the lease agreement shall not exceed in any year one-tenth of one percent of the estimated market value of property within the county, as last finally equalized before the execution of the agreement;

(5) the county board shall provide for the payment of all rentals due during the term of the lease, in the manner required in section 641.264, subdivision 2;

(6) no mortgage on the property shall be granted for the security of the bonds, but compliance with clause (5) hereof may be enforced as a nondiscretionary duty of the county board; and

(7) the county board may sublease any part of the jail property for purposes consistent with the maintenance and operation of a county jail or other law enforcement facility.

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