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Subdivision 1.Provider contracts.

A health provider cooperative and its licensed members may execute marketing and service contracts requiring the provider members to provide some or all of their health care services through the provider cooperative to the enrollees, members, subscribers, or insureds, of a health care network cooperative, community integrated service network, nonprofit health service plan, health maintenance organization, accident and health insurance company, or any other purchaser, including the state of Minnesota and its agencies, instruments, or units of local government. Each purchasing entity is authorized to execute contracts for the purchase of health care services from a health provider cooperative in accordance with this section. A contract between a provider cooperative and a purchaser may provide for payment by the purchaser to the health provider cooperative on a capitated or similar risk-sharing basis, by fee-for-service arrangements, or by other financial arrangements authorized under state law. Each contract between a provider cooperative and a purchaser shall be filed by the provider network cooperative with the commissioner of health and is subject to the provisions of section 62D.19.

Subd. 2.No network limitation.

A health care network cooperative may contract with any health provider cooperative and may contract with any other licensed health care provider to provide health care services for its enrollees.

Subd. 3.Restraint of trade.

Subject to section 62R.08, a health care provider cooperative is not a combination in restraint of trade, and any contracts or agreements between a health care provider cooperative and its members regarding the price the cooperative will charge to purchasers of its services, or regarding the prices the members will charge to the cooperative, or regarding the allocation of gains or losses among the members, or regarding the delivery, quality, allocation, or location of services to be provided, are not contracts that unreasonably restrain trade.

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