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An application for a certificate of authority to operate a prepaid limited health service organization must be filed with the commissioner on a form prescribed by the commissioner. The application must be verified by an officer or authorized representative of the applicant and must set forth, or be accompanied by, the following:

(1) a copy of the applicant's basic organizational document, such as the articles of incorporation, articles of association, partnership agreement, trust agreement, or other applicable documents and all amendments to these documents;

(2) a copy of all bylaws, rules and regulations, or similar documents, if any, regulating the conduct of the applicant's internal affairs;

(3) a list of the names, addresses, official positions, and biographical information of the individuals who are responsible for conducting the applicant's affairs, including but not limited to, all members of the board of directors, board of trustees, executive committee, or other governing board or committee, the principal officers, and any person or entity owning or having the right to acquire ten percent or more of the voting securities of the applicant, and the partners or members in the case of a partnership or association;

(4) a statement generally describing the applicant, its facilities, personnel, and the limited health services to be offered;

(5) a copy of the form of any contract made or to be made between the applicant and any providers regarding the provision of limited health services to enrollees;

(6) a copy of the form of any contract made or to be made between the applicant and any person listed in clause (3);

(7) a copy of the form of any contract made or to be made between the applicant and any person, corporation, partnership, or other entity for the performance on the applicant's behalf of any functions including, but not limited to, marketing, administration, enrollment, investment management, and subcontracting for the provision of limited health services to enrollees;

(8) a copy of the form of any group contract that is to be issued to employers, unions, trustees, or other organizations and a copy of any form of evidence of coverage to be issued to subscribers;

(9) a copy of the applicant's most recent financial statements audited by independent certified public accountants. If the financial affairs of the applicant's parent company are audited by independent certified public accountants but those of the applicant are not, then a copy of the most recent audited financial statement of the applicant's parent company, certified by an independent certified public accountant, attached to which shall be consolidating financial statements of the applicant, satisfies this requirement unless the commissioner determines that additional or more recent financial information is required for the proper administration of sections 62A.451 to 62A.4528;

(10) a copy of the applicant's financial plan, including a three-year projection of anticipated operating results, a statement of the sources of working capital, and any other sources of funding and provisions for contingencies;

(11) a statement acknowledging that all lawful process in any legal action or proceeding against the applicant on a cause of action arising in this state is valid if served in accordance with section 45.028;

(12) a description of how the applicant will comply with section 62A.4523; and

(13) such other information as the commissioner may reasonably require to make the determinations required by sections 62A.451 to 62A.4528.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes