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Subdivision 1.Illegally obtained evidence inadmissible.

Evidence obtained by any act of intercepting wire, oral, or electronic communications, in violation of section 626A.02, and all evidence obtained through or resulting from information obtained by any such act, shall be inadmissible for any purpose in any action, proceeding, or hearing; provided, however, that: (1) any such evidence shall be admissible in any civil or criminal action, proceeding, or hearing against the person who has, or is alleged to have, violated this chapter; and (2) any evidence obtained by a lawfully executed warrant to intercept wire, oral, or electronic communications issued by a federal court or by a court of competent jurisdiction of another state shall be admissible in any civil or criminal proceeding.

Subd. 2.Official available as witness.

No evidence obtained as a result of intercepting wire, oral, or electronic communications pursuant to a warrant issued under section 626A.06 shall be admissible in any proceeding unless the person or persons overhearing or recording such communication, conversation, or discussion be called or made available as witnesses subject to cross examination by the party against whom such intercepted evidence is being offered. The provisions of this clause shall not apply if the trial court finds that such person is dead; or is out of the state; or is unable to attend or testify because of age, sickness, infirmity, or imprisonment; or that such exceptional circumstances exist as to make it desirable, in the interest of justice and with due regard to the importance of presenting such persons in open court, to allow the evidence to be received.

Subd. 3.Failure to give notice.

In the absence of the notice to a defendant required by section 626A.10, no evidence relating to intercepted communications shall be admissible in evidence or otherwise disclosed in any criminal proceeding against the defendant.

Subd. 4.Remedies and sanctions.

The remedies and sanctions described in this chapter with respect to the interception of electronic communications are the only judicial remedies and sanctions for nonconstitutional violations of this chapter involving communications.

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