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Subdivision 1.Duties.

In addition to carrying out any duties specified elsewhere in sections 611A.51 to 611A.68 or in other law, the board shall:

(1) provide all claimants with an opportunity for hearing pursuant to chapter 14;

(2) adopt rules to implement and administer sections 611A.51 to 611A.68, including rules governing the method of practice and procedure before the board, prescribing the manner in which applications for reparations shall be made, and providing for discovery proceedings;

(3) publicize widely the availability of reparations and the method of making claims; and

(4) prepare and transmit annually to the governor and the commissioner of public safety a report of its activities including the number of claims awarded, a brief description of the facts in each case, the amount of reparation awarded, and a statistical summary of claims and awards made and denied.

Subd. 2.Powers.

In addition to exercising any powers specified elsewhere in sections 611A.51 to 611A.68 or other law, the board upon its own motion or the motion of a claimant or the attorney general may:

(1) issue subpoenas for the appearance of witnesses and the production of books, records, and other documents;

(2) administer oaths and affirmations and cause to be taken affidavits and depositions within and without this state;

(3) take notice of judicially cognizable facts and general, technical, and scientific facts within their specialized knowledge;

(4) order a mental or physical examination of a victim or an autopsy of a deceased victim provided that notice is given to the person to be examined and that the claimant and the attorney general receive copies of any resulting report;

(5) suspend or postpone the proceedings on a claim if a criminal prosecution arising out of the incident which is the basis of the claim has been commenced or is imminent;

(6) request from prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officers investigations and data to enable the board to perform its duties under sections 611A.51 to 611A.68;

(7) grant emergency reparations pending the final determination of a claim if it is one with respect to which an award will probably be made and undue hardship will result to the claimant if immediate payment is not made; and

(8) reconsider any decision granting or denying reparations or determining their amount.

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