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Subdivision 1.Recommended claims.

The liquidator shall review all claims duly filed in the liquidation and shall make such further investigation as the liquidator deems necessary. The liquidator may compound, compromise, or in any other manner negotiate the amount for which claims will be recommended to the court. Unresolved disputes shall be determined under section 60B.41. As often as practicable, the liquidator shall present to the court reports of claims against the insurer with recommendations. The reports shall include the name and address of each claimant, the particulars of the claim and the amount of the claim finally recommended, if any. As soon as reasonably possible after the last day for filing claims, the liquidator shall present a list of all claims not already reported. If the insurer has issued annuities or life insurance policies, the liquidator shall report the persons to whom, according to the records of the insurer, amounts are owed as cash surrender values or other investment values and the amounts owed. If the insurer has issued policies or contracts of coverage on the advance premium plan, the liquidator shall report the persons to whom, according to the records of insurer, unearned premiums or subscription rates are owed and the amounts owed.

Subd. 2.Allowance of claims.

The court may approve, disapprove, or modify any report on claims by the liquidator, except that the liquidator's agreements with other parties shall be final and binding on the court on claims settled for $500 or less. No claim under a policy of insurance shall be allowed for an amount in excess of the applicable policy limits.


1969 c 708 s 45; 1986 c 444

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes