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53.07 RESERVE.

Subdivision 1.Liquidity requirement.

An industrial loan and thrift company shall maintain reserves in the form of liquid assets at a level reasonably necessary to meet anticipated withdrawals, commitments, and loan demand. Reserves shall be in cash, cash items in process of collection, short term obligations of or demand balances with other insured financial institutions in the United States and its territories, or short term, direct obligations of or guaranteed by the United States government. Obligations must mature within one year to be considered short term. The commissioner may prescribe the required amount of reserves in relation to liabilities for an individual industrial loan and thrift company from time to time based upon examination findings or other reports relating to the industrial loan and thrift company that are available to the commissioner. Reserves for an individual industrial loan and thrift company as prescribed by the commissioner pursuant to this section shall be enforced in accordance with sections 46.24 and 46.30 to 46.33.

Subd. 2.Temporary reserve minimum.

Until an industrial loan and thrift company obtains a commitment for insurance or guarantee of accounts acceptable to the commissioner as required by section 53.10, it shall establish a minimum reserve against the certificates of indebtedness, savings accounts, and savings deposits described in section 53.04, subdivision 5, of not less than ten percent of the amount of indebtedness thus created. Three percent of this indebtedness shall be in cash in the actual possession of the industrial loan company or on demand deposit in approved banks of this state, and seven percent of the total indebtedness may be in bonds admissible for investment by savings banks under the laws of this state.

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