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The judge may appoint a competent stenographer as reporter and secretary in all matters pertaining to official duties to hold office during the judge's pleasure. Such reporter shall make a complete record of all testimony given and all proceedings had before the court upon the trial of issue of fact except that in commitment proceedings a tape recording of the proceedings may be kept in lieu of a stenographic record. The reporter shall inscribe all questions in the exact language thereof, all answers thereto precisely as given by the witness or sworn interpreter, all objections made and the grounds thereof as stated by counsel, all rulings thereon, all exceptions taken, all admissions made, all oral stipulations, and all oral motions and orders. When directed by the judge, the reporter shall make a record of any matter or proceeding and without charge shall read to or transcribe for such judge any record made or any tape recording made in a commitment proceeding. Upon completion of every trial or proceeding, such reporter shall file the stenographic record or tape recording in the manner directed by the judge. Upon request of any person and payment of fees by such person, the reporter shall furnish a transcript. The reporter may take acknowledgments, administer oaths, and certify copies of the stenographic record or transcript of either such record or tape recording made in a commitment proceeding.


(8992-20) 1935 c 72 s 20; 1974 c 482 s 8; 1986 c 444

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