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(a) The declaration for a flexible common interest community shall include, in addition to the matters specified in section 515B.2-105:

(1) a reservation of any rights to add additional real estate;

(2) a statement of any time limit, not exceeding ten years after the recording of the declaration, upon which any right reserved under paragraph (1) will lapse, together with a statement of any circumstances that will terminate the option before the expiration of the time limit. If no time limit is set forth in the declaration, the time limit shall be ten years after the recording of the declaration; provided, that the time limit may be extended by an amendment to the declaration approved in writing by the declarant, and by the vote or written agreement of unit owners, other than the declarant or an affiliate of the declarant, to whose units are allocated at least 67 percent of the votes in the association;

(3) a statement of any limitations on any rights reserved under paragraph (1), other than limitations created by or imposed pursuant to law;

(4) a legally sufficient description of the additional real estate;

(5) a statement as to whether portions of any additional real estate may be added at different times;

(6) a statement, based upon the declarant's good faith estimate, of (i) the total number of units that may be created within any additional real estate, and (ii) how many of those units will be restricted to residential use;

(7) a statement that any buildings and units erected upon the additional real estate, when and if added, will be compatible with the other buildings and units in the common interest community in terms of architectural style, quality of construction, principal materials employed in construction, and size, or a statement of any differences with respect to the buildings or units, or a statement that no assurances are made in those regards;

(8) a statement that all restrictions in the declaration affecting use, occupancy, and alienation of units will apply to units created in the additional real estate, when and if added, or a statement of any differences with respect to the additional units;

(9) a statement as to whether any assurances made in the declaration regarding additional real estate pursuant to paragraphs (5) through (8) will apply if the real estate is not added to the common interest community.

(b) A declarant need not have an interest in the additional real estate in order to identify it as such in the declaration, and the recording officer shall index the declaration as provided in section 515B.1-116(a). Identification of additional real estate in the declaration does not encumber or otherwise affect the title to the additional real estate.

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