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The owner may withhold from the owner's contractor as much of the contract price as may be necessary to meet the demands of all persons, other than the contractor, having a lien upon the premises for labor, skill, or material furnished for the improvement, and for which the contractor is liable. The owner may pay and discharge all these liens and deduct the cost of them from the contract price. No owner shall be required to pay the owner's contractor until the expiration of 120 days from the completion of the improvement, except to the extent that the contractor furnishes to the owner waivers of claims for mechanics' liens signed by persons who furnished labor, skill or material for the improvement and who have given the notice required by section 514.011, subdivision 2. The owner, within 15 days after the completion of the contract, may require any person having a lien hereunder, by written request therefor, to furnish to the owner an itemized and verified account of the person's lien claim, the amount of it, and the person's name and address. No action or other proceeding may be commenced for the enforcement of the lien until ten days after the statement is furnished. The word "owner," as used in this section, includes any person interested in the premises other than as a lienor.


(8496) RL s 3510; 1973 c 247 s 5; 1983 c 296 s 3; 1986 c 444

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