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(a) Any business registered with the secretary of state required to file an annual renewal in order to maintain its active status, good standing, or existence under Minnesota Statutes shall file that renewal, whether online or otherwise, in a format that states:

(1) the name in Minnesota of the organization for which the renewal is filed;

(2) the name of the organization in the jurisdiction in which it is organized, if different;

(3) the address of the registered office or designated office and the name of the registered agent of the organization for service of process, if any;

(4) the jurisdiction in which the organization is organized, if that jurisdiction is not Minnesota;

(5) the name and business address of the officer or other person exercising the principal functions of the president of a nonprofit corporation, manager of a limited liability company, or chief executive officer of a corporation or cooperative;

(6) the address of the principal executive office of a domestic business corporation or of a limited liability company or the principal place of business of a cooperative, if different from the registered office address;

(7) the address of the designated office and the name, street, and mailing address of the agent for service of process in Minnesota of a limited partnership or foreign limited partnership;

(8) the street and mailing address of the principal office of a limited partnership;

(9) the street and mailing address of the chief executive office of a partnership and, if different, the street address of an office of a partnership in Minnesota, if any;

(10) the name, street, mailing address, and telephone number of an individual who may be contacted for purposes other than services of process on behalf of a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership, if the agent for the limited liability partnership, limited partnership, or foreign limited partnership is not an individual; and

(11) the email address of the organization to which notices from the secretary of state will be directed, if the organization has an email address.

(b) Any business entity filed with the secretary of state whose articles were first filed with the commissioner of commerce need not file an annual renewal with the secretary of state.

(c) If a cooperative formed under chapter 308A makes a change in the principal place of business on the annual renewal, the secretary of state shall update the records of that cooperative to reflect the new principal place of business without requiring an amendment to the articles of incorporation of the cooperative.

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Revisor of Statutes