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Subdivision 1.Record destruction.

The court administrator of the district court in all counties is authorized to destroy, or otherwise dispose of, the following documents on file in their respective offices under the conditions herein specified:

(1) not less than ten years after filing:

(i) county board petit jury lists, order to draw petit jury, venire for petit jury, order appointing bailiffs, copies of certificates for per diem and mileage for jurors, witnesses, and bailiffs, and copies of court calendars;

(ii) delinquent personal property tax lists;

(iii) all warrants and citations of personal property tax delinquents in which judgment for such delinquent taxes has not been entered;

(iv) notice of election or appointment, and notice of qualification of city and township officers on file in the court administrator of district court office.

(2) not less than two years from the date thereof:

(i) copies of law library receipts;

(ii) copies of certificates for payment of local registrars of vital records;

(iii) affidavits or statements on application for certified copies of records for veterans purposes or for use by branches of military service;

(iv) affidavits and prescriptions filed with court administrator of district court as provided in Laws 1919, chapter 455;

(v) all copies of rules of state departments filed with the court administrator of district court.

(3) not less than one year after the final determination of any civil action, and with the order of approval of any judge of the respective district:

(i) all exhibits, except written instruments, X-ray negatives, maps, surveys, plats, and profiles in drainage proceedings or other actions or proceedings affecting real estate or the title thereto;

(ii) settled cases, including stipulations for and order settling such case.

Subd. 2.Affect of statute.

This section shall not affect any existing statute for destruction of files and documents in the court administrator of district court office in certain counties, or any special rule for destruction of records of the court administrator of district court office which may now be in effect or hereafter be adopted by the judge or judges of the respective judicial districts.

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