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Subdivision 1.Definitions.

For purposes of this section, the terms defined in section 473.4075 have the meanings given.

Subd. 2.Legislative report.

(a) Annually by February 15, the council must submit a report on transit safety and rider experience to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over transportation policy and finance.

(b) At a minimum, the report must:

(1) provide an overview of transit safety issues and actions taken by the council to improve safety, including improvements made to equipment and infrastructure;

(2) provide an overview of the rider code of conduct and measures required under section 473.4065;

(3) provide an overview of the transit rider investment program under section 473.4075 and the program's structure and implementation;

(4) provide an overview of the activities of TRIP personnel, including specifically describing the activities of uniformed transit safety officials;

(5) provide a description of all policies adopted pursuant to section 473.4075, the need for each policy, and a copy of each policy;

(6) if the council adopted an alternative resolution procedure pursuant to section 473.4075, subdivision 8, provide:

(i) a description of that procedure;

(ii) the criteria used to determine financial hardship; and

(iii) for each of the previous three calendar years, how frequently the procedure was used, the number of community service hours performed, and the total amount paid as prepayment of transit fares;

(7) for each of the previous three calendar years:

(i) identify the number of fare compliance inspections that were completed, including the total number and the number as a percentage of total rides;

(ii) state the number of warnings and citations issued by the Metro Transit Police Department and transit agents, including a breakdown of which type of officer or official issued the citation, the statutory authority for issuing the warning or citation, the reason given for each warning or citation issued, and the total number of times each reason was given;

(iii) state the number of administrative citations that were appealed pursuant to section 473.4075, the number of those citations that were dismissed on appeal, and a breakdown of the reasons for dismissal;

(iv) include data and statistics on crime rates occurring on public transit vehicles and surrounding transit stops and stations;

(v) state the number of peace officers employed by the Metro Transit Police Department;

(vi) state the average number of peace officers employed by the Metro Transit Police Department; and

(vii) state the number of uniformed transit safety officials and community service officers who served as transit agents;

(8) analyze impacts of the transit rider investment program on fare compliance and customer experience for riders, including rates of fare violations; and

(9) make recommendations on the following:

(i) changes to the administrative citation program; and

(ii) methods to improve safety on public transit and transit stops and stations.

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