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Subdivision 1.Application contents.

Prior to the loaning of any funds for a redevelopment project in a redevelopment area the local agency shall receive from the applicant and, in the case of department participation, shall forward to the state agency a loan application. The application shall be in the form adopted by the local agency, and shall contain among other things the following information:

(1) a general description of the redevelopment project and of the industrial, recreational, commercial, or manufacturing enterprise for which the project has been or is to be established;

(2) a legal description of all real estate necessary for the project;

(3) plans and other documents as may be required to show the type, structure, and general character of the redevelopment project;

(4) a general description of the type, classes, and number of employees employed or to be employed in the operation of the redevelopment project; and

(5) cost or estimates of cost of establishing the redevelopment project.

Subd. 2.

[Repealed, 1987 c 291 s 244; 1987 c 386 art 2 s 24]

Subd. 3.

[Repealed, 1987 c 291 s 244; 1987 c 386 art 2 s 24]

Subd. 4.

[Repealed, 1987 c 291 s 244; 1987 c 386 art 2 s 24]