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For the purpose of sections 443.26 to 443.35, the word "rubbish" is defined as any one or all of the following substances: offal, garbage, ashes, barnyard litter, manure, rubbish, barnyard cleanings, dead animals, or any other foul or unhealthy stuff or material. For the purposes of such sections all of said substances are hereinafter referred to as "rubbish".

The words "rubbish disposal" mean the removal, collection, and disposal of "rubbish" from public or private property within any such city.

Wherever the words "city council" are used in sections 443.26 to 443.35, they mean the chief governing body of any such city.

Where the word "facilities" is used in sections 443.26 to 443.35, it means all mechanical apparatus, shop or office equipment, and public or private grounds purchased, leased, or otherwise permanently or temporarily acquired, for the disposal of rubbish, including tax-forfeited lands which may be acquired and used for rubbish disposal, if the board of county commissioners in the county wherein any such city is located shall consider and determine that it is in the best interest of the state that such tax-forfeited lands will be enhanced in value by such use. Any such board of county commissioners may add to the appraised value of any such lands the benefit they determine has accrued to such lands by reason of the use thereof for such purpose.


1945 c 185 s 2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes