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The council shall make its annual tax levy by resolution. The following taxes may be levied as authorized:

(1) a tax for the payment of principal and interest on outstanding obligations of the city as provided by sections 475.61, 475.73, and 475.74;

(2) a tax for the payment of judgments as authorized by section 465.14;

(3) a tax to provide musical entertainment to the public in public buildings or on public grounds;

(4) a tax for band purposes as authorized by section 449.09;

(5) a tax for the support of a municipal forest, as authorized by section 459.06;

(6) a tax for advertising purposes, as authorized by section 469.189;

(7) a tax for forest fire protection in any city in a forest area, as authorized by section 88.04;

(8) a tax for the utilities fund in any city whose utilities are under the jurisdiction of a public utilities commission. The tax shall be levied for the purpose of paying the cost of the utility service or other services supplied to the city;

(9) a tax for the support of a public library, as authorized by section 134.07;

(10) a tax for firefighters' relief association purposes as authorized by sections 424A.092, subdivision 4, 424A.093, subdivision 5, or other statutes; and

(11) other special taxes authorized by law.

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