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Subdivision 1.General requirements.

As soon as possible after a session of the legislature has adjourned each year, the revisor shall publish the laws of the session in a publication called "Laws of Minnesota." It must be identified by the year of the session and have suitable headnotes and indexes as required by subdivision 4. Each law must be shown with the chapter number assigned to its enrollment under section 3C.04, subdivision 5. For each law, the revisor shall show the date when it was presented to the governor as shown on the enrolled bill and the date and time of day it was:

(1) signed by the governor;

(2) enacted finally without the governor's signature; or

(3) approved by the legislature after the governor's veto.

For any bill that was vetoed, the revisor shall show that it was vetoed. If appropriate, the revisor shall show that the bill was reconsidered and not approved by the legislature. If not reconsidered, the revisor shall show whether or not the legislature has subsequently adjourned sine die.

Subd. 2.Approval dates of local laws.

For each special law for which the certificate of local approval required by section 645.021 has been filed with the secretary of state before the printer's copy for Laws of Minnesota is prepared, the published volume must give the date of filing. The published volume containing the special laws must include a table giving the approval date for all special laws adopted during the biennium ending on the previous December 31.

Subd. 3.Table of sections affected.

Each edition of Laws of Minnesota must contain a table showing the sections of the Minnesota Statutes and the session laws affected by the acts passed at that session of the legislature.

Subd. 4.Index.

Each edition of Laws of Minnesota must contain an alphabetical index of the laws contained in the edition.

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