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Subdivision 1.Grant program.

The chief geospatial information officer, through the Geospatial Advisory Council established under section 16E.30, subdivision 8, shall work with the stakeholders licensed as land surveyors under section 326.02, to develop a process for accepting applications from counties for funding for the perpetuation of monuments established by the United States in the public lands survey to mark public land survey corners, as provided in section 381.12, subdivision 2, clause (1). Grants may also be used to update records and data regarding monuments. The chief geospatial information officer must establish criteria for prioritizing applicants when resources available for grants are not sufficient to award grants to all applicants. The criteria must favor providing grants to counties that demonstrate financial need for assistance.

Subd. 2.Report.

By October 1, in each odd-numbered year, the chief geospatial information officer must submit a report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the committees in the senate and the house of representatives with jurisdiction over state government and local government. The report must include the following:

(1) a summary of the chief geospatial information officer activities regarding administration of this grant program for the previous fiscal year, including the amount of money requested and disbursed by county;

(2) an assessment of the progress toward completion of necessary monument restoration and certification by county; and

(3) a forecast of the amount needed to complete monument recertification in all counties.

Subd. 3.Nonstate match.

No nonstate match is required for grants made under this program.

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