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Upon written application by a dealer licensed in accordance with section 360.63 and payment of a fee of $20 for each aircraft identified in the application, the commissioner of revenue shall issue a commercial use permit which shall entitle the dealer to use the aircraft for commercial purposes for a period of 12 months or until the aircraft is sold, whichever first occurs. The dealer shall pay the tax imposed by section 297A.63 on all consideration received for use of the aircraft for commercial purposes during the period the dealer holds the commercial use permit. Commercial purposes as used herein does not include rental or lease of the aircraft for which the aircraft dealers normally collect the sales tax from their customers. Applications shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the commissioner of revenue and shall include the federal aircraft registration number of each aircraft for which a permit is to be issued. A permit shall be affixed to the dealer's license and shall be conspicuously displayed in the aircraft for which it was issued, which aircraft shall remain in the possession of or under the control of the licensed dealer to whom the permit was issued. The permit shall expire and the tax imposed by section 297A.62 or 297A.63 shall become due upon either sale of the aircraft by the dealer or expiration of the 12-month period. If the aircraft has not been sold within the 12-month period the tax is due on the purchase price of the aircraft and its auxiliary equipment to the dealer and the tax imposed by section 297A.62 shall become due on the eventual sale of the aircraft. Laws 1971, chapter 740, shall in no way apply to registration or taxation pursuant to sections 360.511 to 360.67.

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