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The ownership of abandoned tangible personal property that is not subject to any other provision of statute may be transferred as provided by this section.

If property has not been removed within six months after it comes into the possession of a person, it is abandoned and shall become the property of the person in possession, after notice to the prior owner. Thirty days' notice that the time period has elapsed and that the ownership will be transferred at the end of the 30 days shall be given to the prior owner personally or by certified mail, which is actually received. If the name of the prior owner is not known, and cannot be ascertained with reasonable diligence, three weeks' published notice shall be given in the county where the property is located. The prior owner or another person claiming an interest in the property may petition the district court to stay the transfer of ownership for a reasonable period to allow the removal of the property. The transfer is stayed while the petition is pending before the court.


2005 c 109 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes