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Subdivision 1.Penalty.

Any person who does any of the following is guilty of a misdemeanor:

(a) carries or causes to be carried, any live animals upon any vehicle or otherwise, without providing suitable racks, cars, crates, or cages in which the animals can both stand and lie down during transportation and while awaiting slaughter;

(b) except as provided in subdivision 2, paragraph (a), carries or causes to be carried, upon a vehicle or otherwise, any live animal having feet or legs tied together, or in any other cruel or inhumane manner;

(c) transports or detains livestock in cars or compartments for more than 28 consecutive hours without unloading the livestock in a humane manner into properly equipped pens for rest, water, and feeding for a period of at least five consecutive hours, unless requested to do so as provided in subdivision 2, paragraph (b), or unless prevented by storm or unavoidable causes which cannot be anticipated or avoided by the exercise of due diligence and foresight; or

(d) permits livestock to be crowded together without sufficient space to stand, or so as to overlie, crush, wound, or kill each other.

Subd. 2.Exceptions.

(a) A person may carry or cause to be carried, upon a vehicle or otherwise, a cloven-hoofed animal having legs tied together, if:

(1) the person transporting the animal is the animal's owner or an employee or agent of the owner;

(2) the animal weighs 250 pounds or less;

(3) the tying is done in a humane manner and is necessary for the animal's safe transport; and

(4) the animal's legs are tied for no longer than one-half hour.

(b) A person or corporation engaged in transporting livestock may confine livestock for 36 consecutive hours if the owner or person with custody of that particular shipment of livestock requests in writing that an extension be allowed. That written request shall be separate from any printed bill of lading or other railroad form.

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