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No debt settlement services provider shall:

(1) engage in any activity, act, or omission prohibited under section 332A.14;

(2) promise, guarantee, or directly or indirectly imply, infer, or in any manner represent that any debt will be settled prior to the presentation to the debtor of an offer by the creditors participating in the debt settlement services plan to settle;

(3) misrepresent the timing of negotiations with creditors;

(4) imply, infer, or in any manner represent that:

(i) fees, interest, and other charges will not continue to accrue prior to the time debts are settled;

(ii) wages or bank accounts are not subject to garnishment;

(iii) creditors will not continue to contact the debtor;

(iv) the debtor is not subject to legal action; and

(v) the debtor will not be subject to tax consequences for the portion of any debts forgiven;

(5) execute a power of attorney or any other agreement, oral or written, express or implied, that extinguishes or limits the debtor's right at any time to contract or communicate with any creditor or the creditor's right at any time to communicate with the debtor;

(6) exercise or attempt to exercise a power of attorney after an individual has terminated an agreement;

(7) state, imply, infer, or, in any other manner, indicate that entering into a debt settlement services agreement or settling debts will either have no effect on, or improve, the debtor's credit, credit rating, and credit score;

(8) challenge a debt without the written consent of the debtor;

(9) make any false or misleading claim regarding a creditor's right to collect a debt;

(10) falsely represent that the debt settlement services provider can negotiate better settlement terms with a creditor than the debtor alone can negotiate;

(11) provide or offer to provide legal advice or legal services unless the person providing or offering to provide legal advice is licensed to practice law in the state;

(12) misrepresent that it is authorized or competent to furnish legal advice or perform legal services; and

(13) settle a debt or lead an individual to believe that a payment to a creditor is in settlement of a debt to the creditor unless, at the time of settlement, the individual receives a certification from the creditor that the payment is in full settlement of the debt.

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Revisor of Statutes