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Subdivision 1.Billing permitted.

A park owner who provides utility service to residents may charge the residents for that service, only if the charges comply with this section.

Subd. 2.Metering required.

A park owner who charges residents for a utility service must charge each household the same amount, unless the park owner has installed measuring devices which accurately meter each household's use of the utility.

Subd. 3.Permissible rates.

Except as provided in subdivision 4, no park owner shall, directly or indirectly, charge or otherwise receive payment from a resident for a utility service, or require a resident to purchase a utility service from the park owner or any other person, at a rate which is greater than either of the following:

(1) a rate which the resident could pay directly for the same utility service from some other comparable source in the same market area; or

(2) a rate which is charged to single family dwellings with comparable service within the same market area.

Subd. 4.Electricity.

If a park owner provides electricity to residents by reselling electricity purchased from a public or municipal utility or electrical cooperative, and compliance with subdivision 3 would cause the park owner to lose money on the sale of electricity, the park owner may bill residents at a rate calculated to allow the park owner to avoid losing money on the sale of electricity. In calculating the cost of providing electricity, the park owner may consider only the actual amount billed by the public utility or electrical cooperative to the park owner for electricity furnished to residents. The park owner may not consider administrative, capital or other expenses.

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