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No person, firm or corporation shall establish, maintain or operate any circus, side show, carnival, tent show, theater, skating rink, dance hall, or a similar exhibition, production, engagement or offering or other place of assemblage in or under which ten or more persons may gather for any lawful purpose in any tent, awning or other fabric enclosure unless such tent, awning or other fabric enclosure, and all auxiliary tents, curtains, drops, awnings and all decorative materials, are made from a nonflammable material or are treated and maintained in a flame resistant condition. This section shall not apply to tents used to conduct committal services on the grounds of a cemetery, nor to tents, awnings or other fabric enclosures erected and used within a sound stage, or other similar structural enclosure which is equipped with an overhead automatic sprinkler system.


1975 c 341 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes