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Subdivision 1.Labeling.

It is lawful for any person, firm, or corporation to manufacture and sell, or cause to be sold, within the state any article of food or beverage intended for human consumption as a special dietary product when such food or beverage is sweetened or made palatable with saccharin, sulfamate, or other artificial sweetening product approved by the commissioner of agriculture, when saccharin, sulfamate, or other approved artificial sweetening product is completely substituted for sugar or other nutritive sweetener in any defined article of food or beverage. The container in which any such food or beverage is sold or offered for sale to the public shall be clearly, legibly, and noticeably labeled. Such label shall contain the following information:

"FOR DIETARY PURPOSES," or "FOR DIETETIC USE," or "ARTIFICIALLY SWEETENED," or substantially similar statements approved by the commissioner, and a statement that the product contains (Name of approved artificial form of sweetening product), and a statement to the effect that the food contains a nonnutritive artificial sweetener, for use by persons who desire to restrict their intake of ordinary sweets.

Subd. 2.Rules.

For the purpose of protecting the public interest in the manufacture, use, sale and transportation of food and promoting the free flow of approved foods in interstate commerce, and cooperation with the secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture and the commissioner of food and drugs of the United States Food and Drug Administration, the commissioner may prescribe, according to law and rules for the use of nutritive sweeteners and approved artificial, nonnutritive sweeteners separately or in combination in food, which are consistent as is practicable with the rules and regulations established under federal laws.

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