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Subdivision 1.Qualification.

A cooperative may be organized by one or more organizers who shall be adult natural persons, and who may act for themselves as individuals or as the agents of other entities. The organizers forming the cooperative need not be members of the cooperative.

Subd. 2.Role of organizers.

If the first board is not named in the articles of organization, the organizers may elect the first board or may act as directors with all of the powers, rights, duties, and liabilities of directors, until directors are elected or until a contribution is accepted, whichever occurs first.

Subd. 3.Meeting.

After the filing of articles of organization, the organizers or the directors named in the articles of organization shall either hold an organizational meeting at the call of a majority of the organizers or of the directors named in the articles, or take written action for the purposes of transacting business and taking actions necessary or appropriate to complete the organization of the cooperative, including, without limitations, amending the articles, electing directors; adopting bylaws, adopting banking resolutions, authorizing or ratifying the purchase, lease, or other acquisition of suitable space, furniture, furnishings, supplies, and materials; adopting a fiscal year for the cooperative; contracting to receive and accept contributions; and making any appropriate tax elections. If a meeting is held, the person or persons calling the meeting shall give at least three days' notice of the meeting to each organizer or director named, stating the date, time, and place of the meeting. Organizers and directors may waive notice of an organizational meeting in the same manner that a director may waive notice of meetings of the board.