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Subdivision 1.Claims barred.

Except as provided in this section, a creditor or claimant whose claims are barred under section 302A.727, 302A.7291, or 302A.759 includes a person who is or becomes a creditor or claimant at any time before, during, or following the conclusion of dissolution proceedings, and all those claiming through or under the creditor or claimant.

Subd. 2.Claims reopened.

At any time within one year after articles of dissolution have been filed with the secretary of state pursuant to section 302A.727 or 302A.7291, subdivision 1, clause (2), or a decree of dissolution has been entered, a creditor or claimant who shows good cause for not having previously filed the claim may apply to a court in this state to allow a claim:

(a) against the corporation to the extent of undistributed assets; or

(b) if the undistributed assets are not sufficient to satisfy the claim, against a shareholder, whose liability shall be limited to a portion of the claim that is equal to the portion of the distributions to shareholders in liquidation or dissolution received by the shareholder, but in no event may a shareholder's liability exceed the amount which that shareholder actually received in the dissolution.

Subd. 3.Obligations incurred during dissolution proceedings.

All known contractual debts, obligations, and liabilities incurred in the course of winding up the corporation's affairs shall be paid or provided for by the corporation before the distribution of assets to a shareholder. A person to whom this kind of debt, obligation, or liability is owed but not paid may pursue any remedy before the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations against the officers and directors of the corporation who are responsible for, but who fail to cause the corporation to pay or make provision for payment of the debts, obligations, and liabilities or against shareholders to the extent permitted under section 302A.559. This subdivision does not apply to dissolution under the supervision or order of a court.

Subd. 4.Statutory homeowner warranty claims preserved.

The statutory warranties provided under section 327A.02, and any contribution or indemnity claim arising from the breach of those warranties, are not affected by the dissolution under this chapter of a vendor or home improvement contractor.

Subd. 5.Other claims preserved.

In addition to the claims in subdivision 4, all other statutory and common law rights of persons who may bring claims of injury to a person, including death, are not affected by dissolution under this chapter.

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