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Subdivision 1.When permitted.

A corporation may be dissolved involuntarily by a decree of a court in this state in an action filed by the attorney general when it is established that:

(a) the articles and certificate of incorporation were procured through fraud;

(b) the corporation was incorporated for a purpose not permitted by section 302A.101;

(c) the corporation failed to comply with the requirements of sections 302A.021 to 302A.155 essential to incorporation under or election to become governed by this chapter;

(d) the corporation has flagrantly violated a provision of this chapter, or has violated a provision of this chapter more than once, or has violated more than one provision of this chapter; or

(e) the corporation has acted, or failed to act, in a manner that constitutes surrender or abandonment of the corporate franchise, privileges, or enterprise.

Subd. 2.Notice to corporation; correction.

An action shall not be commenced under this section until 30 days after notice to the corporation by the attorney general of the reason for the filing of the action. If the reason for filing the action is an act that the corporation has done, or omitted to do, and the act or omission may be corrected by an amendment of the articles or bylaws or by performance of or abstention from the act, the attorney general shall give the corporation 30 additional days in which to effect the correction before filing the action.


1981 c 270 s 111

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes