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In contracts for the sale of any of the following articles, the term "bushel" shall mean the number of pounds avoirdupois herein stated: corn, in ear, 70; beans (except lima beans, scarlet runner pole beans, white runner pole beans and broad windsor beans), smooth peas, wheat, clover seed, Irish potatoes and alfalfa, 60; broom corn seed and sorghum seed, 57; shelled corn (except sweet corn), rye, lima beans, flaxseed and wrinkled peas, 56; sweet potatoes and turnips, 55; onions and rutabagas, 52; buckwheat, hempseed, rapeseed, beets, green apples, walnuts, rhubarb, hickory nuts, chestnuts, tomatoes, scarlet runner pole beans and white runner pole beans, 50; barley, millet, Hungarian grass seed, sweet corn, cucumbers and peaches, 48; broad windsor beans, 47; carrots, timothy seed and pears, 45; parsnips, 42; spelt or spilts, 40; cranberries, 36; oats and bottom onion-sets, 32; dried apples, dried peaches and top onion-sets, 28; peanuts, 22; blue grass, orchard grass and redtop seed, 14; plastering hair, unwashed, 8; plastering hair, washed, 4; lime, 80; but if sold by the barrel the weight shall be 200 pounds. In contracts for the sale of green apples, the term "bushel" shall mean 2150.42 cubic inches.


(7025) RL s 2728; 1913 c 560 s 4; 1935 c 270

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Revisor of Statutes