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When a contract of employment is consummated between an employer and an employee for work to be performed in this state, or for work to be performed in another state for an employer localized in this state, the employer shall give to the employee a written and signed agreement of hire, which shall clearly and plainly state:

(1) the date on which the agreement was entered into;

(2) the date on which the services of the employee are to begin;

(3) the rate of pay per unit of time, or of commission, or by the piece, so that wages due may be readily computed;

(4) the number of hours a day which shall constitute a regular day's work, and whether or not additional hours the employee is required to work shall constitute overtime and be paid for, and, if so, the rate of pay for overtime work; and

(5) a statement of any special responsibility undertaken by the employee, not forbidden by law, which, if not properly performed by the employee, will entitle the employer to make deductions from the wages of the employee, and the terms upon which such deductions may be made.


(4126-11) 1933 c 250 s 1

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes