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Subdivision 1.Definitions.

For the purposes of this section, the following terms have the meanings given:

(1) "project" means construction work to maintain, construct, reconstruct, or improve a street or highway or for a rail transit project;

(2) "substantial business impacts" means impairment of road access, parking, or visibility for one or more business establishments as a result of a project, for a minimum period of one month; and

(3) "transportation authority" means the commissioner, as to trunk highways; the county board, as to county state-aid highways and county highways; the town board, as to town roads; statutory or home rule charter cities, as to city streets; the Metropolitan Council, for rail transit projects located entirely within the metropolitan area as defined in section 473.121, subdivision 2; and the commissioner, for all other rail transit projects.

Subd. 2.Business liaison.

(a) Before beginning construction work on a project, a transportation authority shall identify whether the project is anticipated to include substantial business impacts. For such projects, the transportation authority shall designate an individual to serve as business liaison between the transportation authority and affected businesses.

(b) The business liaison shall consult with affected businesses before and during construction to investigate means of mitigating project impacts to businesses. The mitigation considered must include signage. The business liaison shall provide information to the identified businesses before and during construction, concerning project duration and timetables, lane and road closures, detours, access impacts, customer parking impacts, visibility, noise, dust, vibration, and public participation opportunities.

Subd. 3.Exception.

This section does not apply to construction work in connection with the Central Corridor light rail transit line that will connect downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

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