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The practice of occupational therapy by an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant includes, but is not limited to, intervention directed toward:

(1) assessment and evaluation, including the use of skilled observation or the administration and interpretation of standardized or nonstandardized tests and measurements, to identify areas for occupational therapy services;

(2) providing for the development of sensory integrative, neuromuscular, or motor components of performance;

(3) providing for the development of emotional, motivational, cognitive, or psychosocial components of performance;

(4) developing daily living skills;

(5) developing feeding and swallowing skills;

(6) developing play skills and leisure capacities;

(7) enhancing educational performance skills;

(8) enhancing functional performance and work readiness through exercise, range of motion, and use of ergonomic principles;

(9) designing, fabricating, or applying rehabilitative technology, such as selected orthotic and prosthetic devices, and providing training in the functional use of these devices;

(10) designing, fabricating, or adapting assistive technology and providing training in the functional use of assistive devices;

(11) adapting environments using assistive technology such as environmental controls, wheelchair modifications, and positioning;

(12) employing physical agent modalities, in preparation for or as an adjunct to purposeful activity, within the same treatment session or to meet established functional occupational therapy goals; and

(13) promoting health and wellness.

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