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Subdivision 1.Private data.

The following data created, collected and maintained by the Office of the Attorney General are private data on individuals:

(a) the record, including but not limited to, the transcript and exhibits of all disciplinary proceedings held by a state agency, board or commission, except in those instances where there is a public hearing;

(b) communications and noninvestigative files regarding administrative or policy matters which do not evidence final public actions;

(c) consumer complaint data, other than those data classified as confidential, including consumers' complaints against businesses and follow-up investigative materials;

(d) investigative data, obtained in anticipation of, or in connection with litigation or an administrative proceeding where the investigation is not currently active; and

(e) data collected by the Consumer Division of the Attorney General's Office in its administration of the home protection hot line including: the name, address, and phone number of the consumer; the name and address of the mortgage company; the total amount of the mortgage; the amount of money needed to bring the delinquent mortgage current; the consumer's place of employment; the consumer's total family income; and the history of attempts made by the consumer to renegotiate a delinquent mortgage.

Subd. 2.Confidential data.

The following data created, collected and maintained by the Office of the Attorney General are confidential, pursuant to section 13.02, subdivision 3: data acquired through communications made in official confidence to members of the attorney general's staff where the public interest would suffer by disclosure of the data.

Subd. 3.Public data.

Data describing the final disposition of disciplinary proceedings held by any state agency, board, or commission are public, pursuant to section 13.02, subdivision 15.

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