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Subdivision 1. Procedures.

A school district, charter school, or American Indian-controlled tribal contract or grant school enrolling at least 20 American Indian students on October 1 of the previous school year and operating an American Indian education program according to section 124D.74 is eligible for Indian education aid if it meets the requirements of this section. Programs may provide for contracts for the provision of program components by nonsectarian nonpublic, community, tribal, charter, or alternative schools. The commissioner shall prescribe the form and manner of application for aids, and no aid shall be made for a program not complying with the requirements of sections 124D.71 to 124D.82.

Subd. 2.Plans.

To qualify for aid, an eligible district, charter school, or tribal contract school must develop and submit a plan for approval by the Indian education director that shall:

(a) Identify the measures to be used to meet the requirements of sections 124D.71 to 124D.82;

(b) Identify the activities, methods and programs to meet the identified educational needs of the children to be enrolled in the program;

(c) Describe how district goals and objectives as well as the objectives of sections 124D.71 to 124D.82 are to be achieved;

(d) Demonstrate that required and elective courses as structured do not have a discriminatory effect within the meaning of section 124D.74, subdivision 5;

(e) Describe how each school program will be organized, staffed, coordinated, and monitored; and

(f) Project expenditures for programs under sections 124D.71 to 124D.82.

Subd. 2a.American Indian education aid.

(a) The American Indian education aid for an eligible district or tribal contract school equals the greater of (1) the sum of $20,000 plus the product of $358 times the difference between the number of American Indian students enrolled on October 1 of the previous school year and 20; or (2) if the district or school received a grant under this section for fiscal year 2015, the amount of the grant for fiscal year 2015.

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), the American Indian education aid must not exceed the district or tribal contract school's actual expenditure according to the approved plan under subdivision 2.

Subd. 3.Additional requirements.

Each district receiving aid under this section must each year conduct a count of American Indian children in the schools of the district; test for achievement; identify the extent of other educational needs of the children to be enrolled in the American Indian education program; and classify the American Indian children by grade, level of educational attainment, age and achievement. Participating schools must maintain records concerning the needs and achievements of American Indian children served.

Subd. 4.Nondiscrimination; testing.

In accordance with recognized professional standards, all testing and evaluation materials and procedures utilized for the identification, testing, assessment, and classification of American Indian children must be selected and administered so as not to be racially or culturally discriminatory and must be valid for the purpose of identifying, testing, assessing, and classifying American Indian children.

Subd. 5.Records.

Participating schools and districts must keep records and afford access to them as the commissioner finds necessary to ensure that American Indian education programs are implemented in conformity with sections 124D.71 to 124D.82. Each school district or participating school must keep accurate, detailed, and separate revenue and expenditure accounts for pilot American Indian education programs funded under this section.

Subd. 6.Money from other sources.

A district or participating school providing American Indian education programs shall be eligible to receive moneys for these programs from other government agencies and from private sources when the moneys are available.

Subd. 7.Exceptions.

Nothing in sections 124D.71 to 124D.82 shall be construed as prohibiting a district or school from implementing an American Indian education program which is not in compliance with sections 124D.71 to 124D.82 if the proposal and plan for that program is not funded pursuant to this section.

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